We work in four provinces of Zimbabwe – Midlands, Bulawayo, Matabeleland North and Matabeleland South –  and are involved in both emergency humanitarian assistance and development work. Driving positive sustainable change in communities is our passion!


ORAP exists to fight all forms of poverty, principally among the rural communities of women, men and youth through the empowerment of people by facilitating their development in their cultural context.


ORAP envisions empowered grassroots communities of women, men and youth free of hunger and poverty, where the disadvantaged communities of women, men and youth should draw up their own plans and uplift themselves relying mainly on their own intellect and available resources.


To see rural communities of women, men and youth enabled to plan, implement and manage poverty alleviation strategies on a sustainable basis.

Our Philosophy:

ORAP’s philosophy is made up of 7Zs and a Q derived from the isiNdebele language.

  • Zihluze – examine yourself,
  • Ziqoqe – mobilise yourself,
  • Zenzele – do it yourself,
  • Zimisele – commit yourself,
  • Ziqhatshe – be self-employed,
  • Zimele – be self-reliant/independent,
  • Ziqhenye – be proud of yourself and your achievements and
  • Qogelela – save and invest, mobilise resources, collaborate with others.


The Organization of Rural Associations for Progress (ORAP) is an indigenous, culturally rooted movement for development.  It was founded in 1980 at Zimbabwe’s ascension to independence and was registered in 1981 as a welfare (charitable) organization dedicated to the promotion of rural development from the perspective of grassroots communities in Zimbabwe.  Currently, ORAP is covering four out of Zimbabwe’s ten provinces and these are: Matabeleland North, Matabeleland South, Bulawayo and Midlands.

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About the Team

We believe we are most successful when we work together in collaboration: 
‘AMALIMA’ – stands for groups of people that come together to achieve a mutual purpose.

Louise Moyo

Transport Manager
He joined ORAP 11 years ago as a Warehouse Manager. Now he is the key person in overseeing the implementation of the management of all fleet maintenance activities, transportation resource planning, as well as the revision of the Vehicle and Transportation policy. He is a big supporter of the humanitarian imperative concept and would love to see ORAP continue to help provide solutions to the challenges that the grassroots communities face on a daily basis.
“I am an entrepreneur who always seeks to find new ways to solve problems. Other than humanitarian and livelihood projects in the Matabeleland region, I believe that a deliberate effort is imperative to identify talent in the region and to promote more educational programmes “

Tapson Dube

M&E Manager
TP has been with ORAP for 10 years in different capacities. Now he is the monitoring, evaluation and learning Manager. His work involves tracking progress in the implementation of ORAP’s projects and activities as well as documenting lessons and successes.
“I care about seeing youth getting more and more involved their development initiatives and sustaining themselves as the future generation.”

Mvuselelo Huni

Mvuse joined ORAP in 2008.
She is a great visionary who approaches topics with out-of-the-box view. Often she finds positive opportunities in situation where others might despair.
“I want to motivate our people of ORAP to be the best version of themselves that they can be. Ultimately, that will make ORAP the best version it can be.”

Dave Vaka

Logistic Manager
Dave has been with ORAP since 2003 and he is the Head of the Logistics department. His main duties include the coordination of the Procurement, Warehousing, Stores, Commodity Management and Accounting functions.
“I have a strong believe that tomorrow is better. I hope for a Zimbabwe free from poverty where every household has the capacity to produce enough with available resources.”

Sipiwe Dube

Head of Development Initiatives and Community Mobilisation
Sipiwe has been with ORAP since 10 years and is responsible for the design, implementation, management of all ORAP programes in accordance with the policies and strategic plan set out by the organization.

Bryton Malandule

He joined ORAP at the beginning of 2012.
“As a person with a Christian background and who likes assisting the under privileged people in our society , I have enjoyed working for ORAP because of the amazing work that ORAP is doing for the benefit of the marginalized rural people. There is a “ubuntu”spirit at ORAP , the family bond is strong and that makes ORAP more than just a work place. Working for ORAP has been so amazing , I truly love working for this Organisation.”

Rose Shirto


Rose is the ♥ of ORAP and without her nothing would work. She has been with ORAP since over 20 years and knows all the ins and outs.
“I love working with the communities because they inspire me with their innovative ways in problem solving.”