Wellness is clearly defined and articulated as a developmental focus area rooted in ORAP values, history and the culture of our people and that its place in poverty eradication is given the appropriate levels of import

Our work will see women, men and youth that we engage, through connection, affirmation, and collaboration with other people find themselves to be a whole human being, at peace with oneself, others, and the wholeness of the world around them. That they are able to realise all forms of health, wellness, happiness and love.

by 2022, ORAP will have established programmes, partnerships and platforms that champion wellness as a developmental focus area and that are delivering measurable results, having the following impacts:

  1. The holding of regular development dialogues at community level with over 500 ORAP development dialogues being held annually
  2. Develop 100 traditional and indigenous materials and resources to preserve culture, memory and practice. This include story and song books, recipes, photographs, art work etc
  3. Publish 25 research documents that present new thinking, ideas and offer thought leadership in the development sector

Establish 5 flagship events that ORAP convenes annually that advance the organisation’s objectives in areas that promote and develop wellness

ORAP Youth Mobilisation Initiatives

We envision empowerment communities and to implement our vision on young people we came up with 4 platforms to engage the youth. These occur every year and all encourage development and empowerment in one way or the other.

ORAP Zenzele Youth Dialogue

After coming to the realization that there was minimal youth participation in development initiatives in the communities a decision to consult the youths was made. The idea was to get the reasons to why they are not participating and how they could be motivated to participate more from the horse’s mouth. This led to the Inaugural ORAP Zenzele Youth Dialogue held from the 12th to the 13th of April, 2016. In Zimbabwe, disadvantaged youth is often excluded without people even realizing it. They may be rural youth, dropouts, disabled youth, young women, unemployed youth or youth living with/affected by HIV/AIDS. The dialogue invited all types of youth including those that we felt are excluded get both ends of the spectrum.


Participants aged between 16 to 35 years were identified from 12 Districts in 4 Provinces. We had an impressive turnout of 47 youths who were able to articulate the issues that they face on their day to day bid to better their lives. They were able to list their challenges and these included lack of employment, lack of finances and lack of information. They went on to say what the youth really wants like more effective communication, for them to be involved in the planning processes and for development approaches to also cater for their demographic.

We plan to follow up the dialogue with more topic specific dialogues like career guidance, business expos and skills trainings.


ORAP Zenzele Champions Cup

The ORAP Zenzele Chevrolet Champions Cup is an under 20 tournament that began in 2014 and is usually held in June. The primary aim of the ORAP Zenzele Chevrolet Champions Cup through the Shooting for Education and Development (SHED) programme, year after year, is to empower and inspire young people to see sport as a tool for development. The tournament aims to give back to young people and the community through sport and to give the youth an opportunity to engage in positive activities in a healthy environment.

Participants are selected from 4 provinces which are Matabeleland South, Matabeleland North, Bulawayo Metropolitan and the newly introduced Midlands. A total of seventeen (17) schools making up 18 teams took part in the tournament this year.

A number of players have been selected to play for established teams and we hope to see this platform reach greater heights in terms of engaging more youth over a wider geographical area.


USACF Education Programme

ORAP runs an education programme with USACF focusing on resource mobilisation and management and capacity building. To date, hundreds of schools have had their learning environment improved through the learning material that they have received and by the refurbishment of the different schools’ furniture that has been facilitated by this pogramme. Education is the solution to the alleviation of all different kinds of poverty. This is our way of investing in the youths’ education.

IBumba Festival

One of our joint youth mobilization platforms is the ‘Ibumba Festival’ that takes place in December. It brings together local, talented artistic youth to showcase their talent in music, dance and theatre. The youth has evolved and they do not all lean towards agriculture or a white collar job to earn a living. A good number of the youth is artistic and the festival is way to try and encourage our youth to use their talent and do what they love as a profession.

In 2016, 10 young artists were mobilized from Nkayi to participate in what was called ‘Sabela Summer School’ from the 16th to the 21st of December. The ‘youth in arts’ skills workshop was facilitated by professional artists to show them the ropes of the industry. They graduated with a certificate of participation.

Over the course of time, we hope to incorporate more young artists especially from the grassroots communities that we work with, to not just attend the workshops but to be headlining performers on the festival’s programme.

Other Events

Over the year ORAP has been approached by a number of youth bodies wanting support in one way or the other. Below are the youth events that we supported:


  • Catalysing social innovation in Zimbabwe Conference

This was held in partnership with ORAP partners, Ashoka, on the 4th to the 5th of August, 2016. The conference was part of the ORAP Zenzele Development Dialogue Series and it put young people from different fields under one roof to look at Social entrepreneurship as a developmental approach and explore its application in the Zimbabwean context in a number of areas including agriculture, education and health care.


  • YPG Career Expo

On the 14th of October, 2016, ORAP supported the Youth Power Group by donating foodstuffs for their career expo held at the Bulawayo Amphitheatre.


  • Cowdray Park Clean Up Campaign

This was hosted by the Youth With Destiny Association from Cowdray Park on the 26th of August, 2016. The misson was to clean around the community taps to prevent water-borne diseases.

  • Youth AwarenessFestival

We were invited by the Youth Edutainment Services Trust in Plumtree on the 27th of November 2016. They held a tournament as part of their festival to which ORAP donated 20 balls.

  • Cumanzala Soccer Tournament

It took place in Binga in August 2016 and ORAP supported the tournament by donating balls and sending staff to go and volunteer and interact with the players..