ORAP works with various groups’ and farmers through training and other support to help them to actively participate in the markets value chain.

Once production has been increased through horticulture and livestock improvement, the corresponding increase in income is ploughed back to create greater value.

Most groups that work with ORAP have been trained in village savings and lending model and those involved production have been linked to viable markets locally and sometimes in nearby towns.

 Encouraging the spirit of “zenzele” – do it yourself

A Village Savings and Lending group (VS&L) is a group of people who save together and take small loans from those savings. Asibambaneni is one such group from Tsholotsho that, with training from the Amalima program, has successfully taken up broiler rearing. This is bringing in money for them and their venture continues to grow.

The trainings and monitoring supported by ORAP under AMALIMA has developed the group’s skill and knowledge in relation to running this group. Group members enjoy the access to loans that help them come up with activities that will allow them to raise more money for future savings. After deciding to venture into rearing broilers, the group started with 50 broilers using the contributions that they had collected. As they continued to pay their monthly subscriptions they discovered that their market had increased. They doubled their production to 100 broilers and built bigger fowl runs.

V, S and L groups are a typical example of the ORAP philosophy as they are a result of people getting together and meeting their needs through their hard work.


Enterprises that lead to community development

ORAP partnered with a micro-finance institution, Big Grape Holdings, to initiate broiler chicken projects in Insiza District, Matabeleland South Province, to enable beneficiaries to generate income and alleviate hunger. The poultry project was initiated in wards 17 and 18 in Filabusi Village’s Nkankezi area in August and was run under the theme: “Inkuthazo kazenzele”.

The poultry project was part of the organisation’s thrust to encourage self-reliant developments among rural people. The project was a big idea and ORAP analysed it decided that it was beneficiary to the community. We have worked with a lot of people and we foster community development in all aspects of everyday livelihoods

The initiative will make rural people more aware of their needs, development problems and how to overcome these problems through self-help. We encourage rural people to engage in income generating projects for self-employment. The poultry farmers were trained and were taught to be trainers as well and we look forward to spreading the poultry project to all the areas in which ORAP operates.