Share your knowledge and experiences

Share your knowledge and experiences through ORAP’s learning platforms – conferences, publications, online platforms (websites, Facebook etc) – share your knowledge, learning and experiences in development. This can be a report, a lecture, an essay or even a powerful picture!

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Donate to our cause

Do you want to make a specific contribution to a development programme that you are interested in or passionate about? There are  many ways you can make a high impact donation through ORAP. Contact us and we can discuss options and means. Donations can be both in cash and in kind.

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Partner with us

Our focus on partnership extends all the way from the basic unit of the individual member to the overall approach of the organization. Over the years ORAP has developed strategic relationships with various organizations around the world.

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Are you a student looking for an internships? Talk to us about a placement within ORAP that could be an appropriate fit for your studies. You’ll gain powerful hands-on experience and contribute to meaningful and sustainable development at the same time!


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Fund a Project

Make a financial contribution to a specific project co-designed by ORAP experts, community leaders and yourselves as a financial partner. Projects can be tailored to fit specific needs, impact levels, scale and timelines. ORAP has an innovative project development team that ensures maximum value is created for all stakeholders involved.

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Fund training and learning opportunities for talented young learners facing financial constraints. This is open to students at all levels.

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Through our Monitoring and Evaluation department, working closely with our projects teams, we can carry out extensive research to respond to both quantitative and qualitative lines of enquiry. Because of our long-standing and expansive field presence, our data collection and report writing skills are of great value to research institutions, private sector corporate players, universities and individual interests. Let’s build knowledge together.

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