Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I work for ORAP?
    A. Current jobs with ORAP are advertised on the website. Please keep an eye on our website for any vacancies. Best wishes.
  2. How do I become a volunteer at ORAP?
    A. You can send your CV and an application letter to or hand deliver it to our offices in Richmond, Bulawayo.
  3. How do I go about donating to your organisation.
    A. Please have a look on our Donationpage.
  4. Where can I find detailed information on ORAP partners and projects?
    A. You’ll find a range of information about our work in different areas in the stories, articles and blogs we post. For more detailed partner and project information, please have a look here.
  5.  Where can I find information on how to get aid/financial support from ORAP?
    A. Please send an email to
  6. Where can I find information on how to become an affiliate organization?
    A. When looking to develop an affiliation we want to work with organizations that share our vision and values in a range of activities and approaches, in keeping with the ORAP philosophy. For a fuller explanation of the PHILOSOPHY, strategic aims, approaches and current members of ORAP, please take a look at our Strategic Plan. If you would like to get involved personally, check out the Get Involved section of our site. You can also contact our offices on what you can do locally.
  7. How can I get a loan or grant to cover my studies?
    A. ORAP does not provide loans or grants to individuals as we prefer to use our limited resources to support groups of people in the areas where we work to set up development projects that will benefit a whole community. For further information please send us an email on or contact us here.
  8. How can I get ORAP to implement a specific project in my area?
    A. ORAP works through community groups of its members, so you can organize projects through those groups. Alternatively, you can send us an email on