“What we really do is to help our communities to find their own solutions to their problems.”

Mvuselelo, CEO

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Every day for 37 years, we have worked towards our goals to eradicate poverty, include the marginalized, empower the rural poor, provide an alternative approach to development, and to preserve the best of the traditional and local culture. Our philosophy revolves around the core concept of Zenzele, which stems from the African saying Akusimuntu ongasimuntu walutho (“there is nobody who has no purpose”); a development process of self-discovery and self-mobilization administered by the self—not only for oneself but for the many. This concept guides and threads through all that ORAP does and is evident everywhere that we operate.

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We work mostly in four provinces of Zimbabwe and are involved in both emergency food assistance and development work. Driving positive sustainable change in communities is our passion!

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We love what we do, that is a fact. Learn more about the people behind ORAP who work towards our goal: To eradicate poverty!

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Our mission is to eradicate poverty in Zimbabwe. Are you ready to join us?

We want to strengthen Nutrition, Enterprise and Wellness in the lives of at least 250,000 households in selected areas significantly over the next years! Please help us support them!

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Wellness is clearly defined and articulated as a developmental focus area rooted in ORAP values, history and the culture of our people and that its place in poverty eradication is given the appropriate levels of import

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Education plays an important role in the development of any nation. Therefore, ORAP supports the education of children and youths in our operational areas. This support takes the form of stocking libraries in rural schools with books, promoting the re-integration of out of school learners and vocational training at ORAP centres where they are available.

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