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ORAP at the ZITF 2015

The Organization of Rural Associations for Progress (ORAP) is an indigenous, culturally rooted movement for development. It was founded in 1980 at Zimbabwe’s ascension to independence. It was registered in 1981 as a welfare (charitable) organization dedicated to the promotion of rural development from the perspective of grassroots communities in Zimbabwe. Currently, ORAP is covering four out of Zimbabwe’s ten provinces and these are:  Matabeleland North,  Matabeleland South,  Bulawayo and Midlands.

ORAP was established as a result of a strong passion to:

  • Eradicate poverty between and amongst the rural poor (women, men and youth).
  • Include the marginalized and the underprivileged members of society, children, women and men into the mainstream of the economy.
  • Empower the rural poor, women and men socially, legally, economically, politically and technologically.
  • Provide an alternative approach to development in light of the prevalent prescriptions and remedies for development.
  • Preserve the best components of the traditional and local culture and use them as a springboard for further development

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Organisation’s Strategic Goals and Mission:


ORAP exists to fight all forms of poverty, principally among the rural communities of women, men and youth through the empowerment of people by facilitating their development in their cultural context.


ORAP envisions empowered grassroots communities of women, men and youth free of hunger and poverty, where the disadvantaged communities of women, men and youth should draw up their own plans and uplift themselves relying mainly on their own intellect and available resources.


To see rural communities of women, men and youth enabled to plan, implement and manage poverty alleviation strategies on a sustainable basis.

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